Where have all the good women gone?

We are delighted to say that the Dating Agency Association featured prominently in the Daily Mail this week, through our own Relationship Adviser, Trelawney Kerrigan, as journalist Rebecca Evans wrote about men fighting back from recent stinging criticism that single men are boring, grumpy slobs. Where have all the good women gone asks Trelawney?

In this outright war of the sexes, Trelawney Kerrigan of the DAA, explained the reasons that some men become disillusioned with dating after a couple of knock backs. Says Trelawney: “Women will take a more positive approach while me, after a couple of knock backs, will shrivel up. They are easily disillusioned; women are better at brushing themselves off.”

She continues “It’s a confidence thing with men, you often hear men saying there are not enough genuine people out there, and that nobody’s taking it seriously.”

The men however forcefully make their points: Danny Webster, a 33 year old radio presenter from Birmingham states that he feels “Women don’t want nice men like me, they want bad boys.” He has given up on women because of painful rejections, but he does admit that he yearns to have children in the future, “It’s one part of my life I yearn for when I see my other friends with kids.”

Jamie Clows, a small business owner from Chesterfield in Derbyshire, feels “A lot happier being single. I don’t want to go on dates, it depresses me” says Jamie.  He has become one of the growing army of men making up the online community known as MGTOW – men going their own way. MGTOW, which began in the USA in the 70’s, has 10’s of thousands of followers and provides the chance for men to share relationship problems, their struggles for equal access to children and say they feel, freer, happier and wealthier for shunning relationships.

Are they missing out? Well Trelawney Kerrigan believes so and feels she could provide the advice and help to get them back on track, without them having to resort to online dating, which appears to be a common hate amongst them. Why not visit Trelawney at her own website http://www.relationshipadviser.co.uk she offers some excellent advice.

The Daily Mail article from Rebecca Evans can be viewed here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4817380/Where-good-women-gone.html 

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