– Paving the Way for Ethical and Professional Standards –

Our Objectives

Objective 1

To promote and uphold the highest standards of professionalism in the Personal Introductions Industry

Objective 2

To publish a Code of Practice which obliges all members to meet the standards laid down.

Objective 3

To regularly review and update the Code of Practice. To take reasonable steps to inform members, and where The Council of Management considers necessary, the general public of revisions to The Code of Practice together with reasons for such revision.

Objective 4

To pursue the highest standing for the Industry and to represent its members’ interests to the general public and to the media.

Objective 5

To continuously monitor the performance of members under the auspices of an independent chairman, assisted by outside advisers if necessary. To take any necessary actions to ensure compliance with The Code of Practice.

Objective 6

To provide member companies and their clients with a means of settling disputes and to seek equitable resolution of all disputes which may arise

Objective 7

For member companies to fully comply with the requirements of the Information Commission and Data Protection Act at all times.