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Your primary resource for finding professional dating agencies and personal matchmakers in the UK today. We can also help you enhance your agency or matchmaking business.

Welcome to the Dating Agency Association

Your first port of call if you are looking for a top professional and well established dating agency or personal matchmaker in the UK today.

Our member agencies have stood the test of time and run reputable dating services for discerning people. We are quite possibly the UK’s largest Dating Directory of some of the best dating services within the traditional offline dating sector at present. As a single or newly single person however old you are, you can browse through our member agencies to find a variety of well established services from events to personal matchmakers, including agencies that will also provide coaching service packages.

Choosing one of our member agencies allows you to feel safe and in control, contrasting greatly with online services and dating apps.

Our Members

Our exceptional and diverse member database comprises vetted and accredited dating agencies and matchmakers. Find a recommended agency now.

Want To Join The Dating Agency Association?

  1. Possibly the largest members list of Traditional Agencies and Personal Matchmakers in the UK to choose from
  2. Help and advice for members during office hours
  3. Difficult matching clients (you can now promote these on the DAA web site, and we will spread also on Social media channels)
  4. Agency Accreditation
  5. Matchmaker Accreditation
  6. Personal Matchmaker Accreditation
  7. Help with matching difficult clients from other member agencies. We can advise you on which agency to approach depending upon locality

Support for Dating Agencies

If you run a Dating Agency or you are working as a Personal Matchmaker for individual clients and you have been trading successfully for a minimum of one year, then do please contact us to see how joining the Dating Agency Association can enhance and increase your business.
It allows you to meet our members, create new connections and headhunt on behalf of your clients within a safe environment ,whilst at the same time protecting the anonymity of your clients. Becoming a member of The Dating Agency Association means that you will no longer feel alone ,when it comes to support and advice if and when difficult situations arise. Exchanging thoughts, problems and ideas can only enhance the professionalism of the dating industry generally. Our member agencies remain passionate about what they do and more importantly understand the need to alleviate the loneliness we all suffer from time to time.

Consultancy Service

If you are thinking of starting a dating agency or becoming a matchmaker, then our know-how and expertise can help you to achieve that dream. Our Consultancy Service allows you to access everything you need to know from the start of your journey, including the pros and the cons! Plus our package includes ongoing support and mentoring throughout your first year of trading which is invaluable. Why are we doing this? Simply because It is our greatest wish to raise the standards of start-up dating agencies and matchmakers in this country and as a result, members of the public will feel more confident when investing in such services. We have some of the most experienced people in the dating world to help you on your journey. The dating sector has never been so busy and we as human beings need it more than ever in such changing and challenging times. We are your gateway to creating a successful dating business in the knowledge that you are obtaining the best advice possible.

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Authentic Japanese Agency Joins The Dating Agency Association.

This month we are welcoming a new agency to the DATING AGENCY ASSOCIATION and how refreshing to see such a professionally run agency for predominantly Japanese people living in the UK initially, but with the concept of spreading across the whole of Europe....