Authentic Japanese Agency Joins The Dating Agency Association.

This month we are welcoming a new agency to the DATING AGENCY ASSOCIATION and how refreshing to see such a professionally run agency for predominantly Japanese people living in the UK initially, but with the concept of spreading across the whole of Europe. is based in Maidenhead. If you wish to meet Japanese people this is the way to go but you don’t have to be Japanese to join.

We at the DAA need to remind people out there that you DO NOT need to go online to find a partner, there are other alternatives and indeed they are proven to be much safer. Offline dating is here to stay and has been around since the 1940’s when the first traditional dating agency was set up in London. The agency was called Heather Jenner and they interviewed all their members. It is how offline dating agencies still work and keeo you safe from scammers so join one of our agencies today. Stay safe.

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