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About Us

Our mission is to uphold industry standards and ensure ethical practices within the dating industry.

What We Do

A Private Company by Guarantee and is a not for profit organisation

The Dating Agency Association (The Association) is a Private Company by Guarantee and is a not for profit organisation. Its aims are as follows. The Association’s day-to-day management is delegated to a Council of Management (The Council) made up of persons nominated by members of the Association in accordance with the Rules of Management and in conjunction with the independent Chairman and Chief Executive. Membership of The Association is open to any company within the industry, which has traded successfully for a minimum of 1 year and undertakes to comply with The Association’s Code of Practice (The Code of Practice) as set out under Our Code on this site.

Membership of The Association is subject to The Council of Management being satisfied that the members fully intend to comply with the Association’s Code of Practice. Membership of the Association may be withheld or withdrawn (at the Council’s discretion) for failure to comply with the Code of Practice.

In the case of withdrawal of membership a written ruling will be provided by the Council within 28 days of such withdrawal. A company whose membership has been withdrawn will be entitled to request that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association should be convened to determine the matter

About The Dating Agency Association