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Do you want to join a reputable dating agency or employ a professional matchmaker?

If you are looking for an alternative to online dating, then look no further. The Dating Agency Association member agencies are probably some of the most well-known agencies in the UK today.

They have stood the test of time and do their very best to help you find a partner in a more traditional way. Please do read our Code of Practice so that you are aware of what they sign up to. Whoever you are and whatever your preferences, talk to one of our agencies in confidence and they will be able to tell you – based on your preferences, whether or not they can help you.

There will be someone out there for you whatever age you are, you just need to take that first step and make an enquiry. Simply click on our member agencies to go directly through to their websites.

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Do you run an offline dating agency or are you a professional matchmaker?

If you already run a traditional dating agency, there are many ways in which joining us will enhance and help you to expand and grow your business. We have a good ranking with Google and the name Dating Agency Association attracts many potential clients to our website, looking for an alternative to online dating from all over the UK.

So wherever your agency is situated in the UK and by becoming a member, this can only increase the number of enquiries to your website. Another advantage for your agency is that you can network freely with other member agencies, who will always be happy to help with clients and of course, there is by its very nature a reciprocal arrangement. It is also incredibly helpful to be able to talk to others within the dating industry, who will be dealing with exactly the same problems that you do and who understand how hard it is at times to keep all your clients happy.

For 2021 we have plans in place to expand into Europe, so this is possibly an avenue you will be able to tap into in the not too distant future – if restrictions are relaxed on travel. At the DAA we remain eternally enthusiastic and optimistic about the industry, after all matchmaking has been going on for thousands of years and will continue to do so while there are people on this earth ! Simply email us and request a call.

Do you want to run your own agency, or would you like to train to become a professional matchmaker?

If you are thinking about starting up your own dating agency, then you have come to the right place. The officers at the DAA quite possibly have more experience collectively, than anyone else within the dating industry today.

We have therefore decided to pass on our ‘know-how’ and expertise to others who wish to start a career within the traditional dating industry. You may well be wondering why we have decided to do this and the answer is very simple, we wish to raise the standards of startup dating agencies within the UK today and by doing so, this, in turn will allow us to become a more reputable, respected and recognisable industry in the future.

It is a well-known fact that many dating agencies go into liquidation within the first year of trading because they have failed to recognise that it is an incredibly complex service that proper dating agencies provide.

We are, after all dealing with the most important thing in a human beings’ life, the search to find a partner. It is what we all want deep down and what fundamentally makes us happy and contented, whatever age we are.

Our Consultancy Service will provide you with an enormous amount of information and will save you endless research into marketing/advertising/website advice/age groups to target/contracts/terms and conditions/personal profiling/interviewing techniques/do’s and don’ts/how to understand body language/how to mentor your members/how to become a good listener/professional indemnity/how to deal with difficult members/ how to turn people down/ how to initially create a database.

Please contact us directly if you are interested to learn more about the training course we run and the costs involved. Simply request a call by emailing us directly