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At the Dating Agency Association, we believe in tougher regulation for the industry and strongly recommend that ultimately the UK Government should legislate to bring in compulsory background checks for all new joiners.

At the present time that may well be some way off and in the interim we advocate that our members do as they much as they possibly can to verify the identity, status, and intentions of all new joiners.

During the last 12 months, the industry has attracted significant levels of bad publicity and our intention is to robustly uplift standards and to ensure that our member companies are in the sort of shape to offer the highest standards of client care and levels of confidentiality.

If you have had a complaint against any of our member organisations that was not dealt with according to our code of practice, then we would be happy to investigate this and mediate with the company concerned on your behalf. However, we would only seek to get involved after all communication between the member company and yourself on the complaint has ceased and remains unresolved.

In the first instance however all complaints should be referred directly to the individual company, you should register it clearly as a complaint and follow the company’s complaints procedure through to the conclusion of the process. If no resolution has been achieved then the use of an A.D.R body could then be considered.