Finding a dating agency for younger age groups 25-49

“How do I go about finding a dating agency that specialises in younger age groups?”, is one of the questions we get asked most frequently. And right up front we know that it isn’t easy, as predominantly traditional personal introductions have been the domain for older age groups which have made it somewhat difficult finding a dating agency for those younger age groups.

But not necessarily any longer as following the recent bad publicity with regards to online dating more and more young professionals are looking to use this route to find their perfect partner and this is very much becoming an emerging and busy market and finding a dating agency for the young is particularly more

The very high profile rape case, along with the burgeoning level of online dating fraud (which is now said to be running at more than £100,000,000 per annum) has recently made a huge number of people, both male and female, think  ‘Is online dating the best way of searching for a new partner?’ and obviously many have come up with the answer that it isn’t. They are therefore searching for a credible but safer alternative and have concluded that working with an experience Personal Matchmaker who thoroughly understands the dating marketplace is a much safer and more selective way of meeting partners that are often much higher calibre and are from a professional background.

Within the Dating Agency Association, we have one member Matchmakers Dating Ltd, that specialises exclusively within the 25-49 age group and 3 other members, Ultimate Attraction Ltd, Attractive Partners Ltd and Searchmate Ltd take people from age 30+

All 4 companies would be happy to provide advice to younger daters without any sort of charge or obligation and the scope of the services on offer are available on their websites, please click on any of the links below for further information or advice.

Specialising in ages 25-49 only 


Specialising in ages 30+  


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