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Welcome to the official blog of the Dating Agency Association – the only independent dating agency body in the UK. Originally formed in 2002 as the Introduction Services Federation, the association was formed to serve and support individual daters to ensure they are treated fairly and equitably by our member companies and that remains as our major purpose today. We also believe in and actively campaign for safer dating in the UK and would like to see the whole industry taking a tougher and more proactive stance on protecting the public.

Dating is big news in the UK and a significant percentage of the population at large and most of the media take an active interest in our industry and what is going on within it, which we wholeheartedly support and encourage. Our blog therefore is extremely important to us and carries our views on the industry and what happens within it.

We therefore hope that you find it interesting, informative and a thoroughly good read. If there is a news story about dating then the Dating Agency Association blog is where you will find our views and comments, we also welcome comments and your own views.

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