NEWSLETTER September 2020


September 2020

What a year 2020 has been so far!

This year beyond reasonable doubt has been a year of the survival of the fittest, but it is truly uplifting that all the members of our Association have continued trading under extreme and difficult circumstances. Historically, I can remember working through two major recessions, but that was nothing compared with what you have had to endure since March 2020. It does tell me something about how this small nation of ours very definitely carries on regardless and thinks up new ways of doing business under duress. What is extremely satisfying however is the fact that traditional offline matchmaking is absolutely booming!

As Chairman of the Dating Agency Association, and on behalf of our President Eddy Ankrett, I would like to welcome another new member this week called RSVP. I am sure that most of you will have heard of this agency, that has been trading very successfully since 1992. Its formula for handpicked matches and singles events has been and still continues to be a very successful brand having invested in the latest technology to enhance the business. RSVP covers a large area of the UK from Sheffield to London.

Could I ask all of you to cast your eye over our new Code of Practice, we have spent a few weeks just recently making it a little more friendly both for agencies and for members of the public, less draconian perhaps, but it is still important for you to read through it in case you have a serious complaint on your hands and the COP drawn to your attention by the complainant. Unfortunately, we are living in litigious times, so best to be forearmed.

Please also welcome Roland Stringer – joint owner with Anne Stringer of RSVP – as a newly appointed Officer of the Dating Agency Association. His experience, know-how and expertise will be an invaluable contribution to the DAA, and you will now be able to find him on our website. RSVP has also joined the Association. Having worked closely with Roland in the past, I have always admired his integrity and honesty, and I look forward to working with him once again. His sensible and balanced views help to keep us all grounded within a somewhat volatile and competitive industry!

We are in the process of re-wording the DAA website and hope to be able to complete this within the next four weeks. The aim is to clarify who we are and what we represent within the dating sector since we need to be able to appeal to both new agency members and members of the public who are in the process of sourcing a reputable agency to join.

It is gratifying for us to note that, despite the huge difficulties facing everyone in the country at the moment and businesses in particular, there are many people who are still seeking a partner and thus approaching our members to achieve this.


Guardian Soulmates announced their closure on May 14th 2020 after more than 15 years online. They have given the reason for closure down to an abundance of dating apps which are often free and very quick. They needed to invest heavily in new technology, but it was just not viable. Their ratio typically was 60% women to 40% men, and they boasted 400,000 members. Guardian Soulmates was popular with people Left of Centre. It will be interesting to see what happens to all that information on peoples personal lives collated in the process of joining and where it all ends up!

Meanwhile, I hope you are all coping with the rapidly changing circumstances affecting your businesses and your personal lives. Together with Eddy, I send you my very best wishes, keep up the good work you are doing to alleviate the loneliness that affects all our lives from time to time, but more importantly, stay safe and well!

Heather Heber Percy
The Dating Agency Association
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